Pakistan's First Entrepreneur Awards - Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain

🏆 **Congratulations to Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain – CEO of UTI Cybersecurity Cloud and IT LLC, Recipient of Pakistan’s First Entrepreneur Awards!** 🌟

In a momentous ceremony held at the Governor House in Karachi on the 10th of January 2024, the entrepreneurial brilliance of Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain was celebrated as he received the prestigious award at Pakistan’s First Entrepreneur Awards, powered by CxO Global Forum.

🌐 **About the Entrepreneur Awards:**
CxO Global Forum, in its mission to recognize and uplift nationwide talent, initiated the Entrepreneur Awards. This platform serves to honor visionaries who contribute significantly to job creation, opportunities, and the overall economic landscape of Pakistan.

📅 **Event Details:**
– **Date:** 10th January 2024
– **Location:** Governor House, Karachi, Pakistan

🏅 **Recognition for Outstanding Contribution:**
Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain, as the Chief Executive Officer of UTI Cybersecurity Cloud and IT LLC, has been a driving force in the realm of cybersecurity. His leadership and contributions have not only strengthened the cybersecurity domain but have also played a crucial role in job creation and fostering opportunities.

🎉 **CxO Global Forum – Empowering Visionaries:**
The Entrepreneur Awards by CxO Global Forum stands as a testament to the commitment of recognizing and empowering entrepreneurs who raise the flag of Pakistan through their innovation and leadership.

👏 **A Salute to Entrepreneurial Excellence:**
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain for this well-deserved accolade. His dedication, vision, and commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape of Pakistan.

🌟 **Join the Celebration:**
Let’s celebrate and applaud the achievements of Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain and other visionaries who continue to inspire and contribute to the success of Pakistan.

This award was received by Mr. Abdul Majid Bhatti, as Mr. Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain was unable to travel for this event.

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Award for Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain
Award for Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain
Abdul Majid Bhatti receiving award for Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain, CEO
Abdul Majid Bhatti receiving award for Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain, CEO

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